Bigfootology Field Reports (Articles)

Field reports (articles) are used to extrapolate data and answer questions regarding the Bigfoot phenomenon from seasoned field researchers and academic experts in their respective disciplines of scientific research. If you would like to contribute a scholarly article for consideration you can do so by emailing the article to Bigfootology.

Dr. Ed Fusch and the Colville Tribal area.

Debate versus Attacks: A discussion on civility.

Who would you nominate?

Staying above the fray: Removing politics and egos from Bigfootology.

Who is a Bigfoot expert?

Respect and Recognition…

Clarifying the insanity of rumor and false information.

Chronology of the newest north Louisiana site by Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell

Southern Oregon outing report 8/12/2011 by Greg Roberts.

Where are the photos and video of Bigfoot?

Regarding eye-shine and nocturnal versus diurnal…Cathemeral actually.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: An appeal for civility.

Habituation thoughts…

What are you going to do once the thrill is gone?

Joining Bigfootology…You are Bigfootology.

The Zana Affair by Ray Crowe

Monster DNA and Ancestory – Ray Crowe

Where are the Bigfoot Bones? – Ray Crowe

Orleans, California, 1992 – Tim Olson

Dr. Anna Nekaris’ presentation on the existence-potential of the Bigfoot/Yeti.

S.I.R. Bigfoot Presentation for Bigfoot Central with Dallas Tanner – August 3, 2004

Bigfootology Researcher’s Creed

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