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Western Bigfoot Society – Ray Crowe

Welcome to the Western Bigfoot Society section of Bigfootology. Ray Crowe, thanks to David Paulides for giving Ray permission to use the name again, is conducting monthly Western Bigfoot Society meetings in the Portland, Oregon, area again.

The first meeting was hosted by Ray Crowe at his home and was by private invitation only. As with the historic meetings, there were speakers and Bigfootology took photos and video to document th meeting. This area of Bigfootology is where Ray will also write a monthly update regarding the meetings, including photographs. See the links below for each meeting’s notes.

As of October, 2011, the Western Bigfoot Society’s monthly meetings are open to the publics and will be held on the first Saturday of each month, but contact Bigfootology or Ray Crowe for monthly confirmation of the actual date.

Meeting location:

Home Plate Café
8501 North Lombard
North Portland, Oregon
Owner and Host Patty Deitz.

Read the reports and view the photos by clicking on the links below for past meetings.

There are no future Western Bigfoot Society meetings planned until further notice due to Ray Crowe’s diminished physical health. You can read the updates on Ray’s condition here: Updates on Ray Crowe…

Western Bigfoot Society meeting report of March 3rd, 2012

Western Bigfoot Society meeting report of February 4th, 2012

Western Bigfoot Society meeting report of November 5th, 2011

Western Bigfoot Society meeting report for October 1st, 2011

Western Bigfoot Society meetingon September 3rd, 2011.

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