Legacy Award

Legacy Award: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher – Recognition:

This list contains recipients of the Legacy Award: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher. These researchers, both historic and current, havr made or are making significant and valuable contributions to the field of Bigfootology for over 20 years.

If you would like to recommend a researcher be added to this list email your suggestion.

This list is a collaborative effort and Bigfootology appreciates the many contributions of others so these individual’s contributions to the field of Bigfootology can be properly document and recognized. Some researchers may qualify to be in more than one category.

Researcher has agreed to abide by the following creed, in the case of retired or deceased researchers this can be evidenced in the researcher’s record of service:

I recognize that Bigfoot, by any other name, exists and through our research endeavor I will not endanger any researcher in my service or endanger any Bigfoot or habitat. Through my research I seek the preservation of life through honesty, integrity and respect, with no malice towards others or compromise of personal, data, or evidence integrity.

Presentation of the Legacy Award #00001: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher presented to John Green at the Sasquatch Summit

Legacy Award: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher – Recognition Recipients:

  • Bob Gimlin
  • Derek Randles
  • Don Keating
  • Don Monroe
  • Dr . Jeff Meldrum
  • Dr. Ed Fusch
  • Dr. Grover Krantz
  • Dr. Igor Burtsev
  • Dr. John Bindernagel
  • Dr. Paul G. Johnson
  • James “Bobo” Fay
  • JC Johnson
  • John Green
  • Oliver L. Kirk
  • Paul Graves
  • Peter Byrne
  • Ray Crowe
  • Rene Dahinden
  • Roger Patterson
  • Ronnie Roseman
  • Tim Olson
  • William Jevning

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