Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

A part of our mission to establish the field of Bigfootology is to recognize the contribution of many who are and who have made contributions to the field of Bigfootology. We have several categories and each category has similar criteria.

The categories are Bigfoot Research Apprentice, Recognized Bigfoot Researcher, Endorsed Research Organization, Legacy Award: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher (20 plus years of active research), Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Graphic Artist, Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Literary Artist, Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Musical Artist, and Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Visual Artist.

Each recipient will receive a formal letter and artwork, as well as in digital form, to place on their website or advertisement their recognition.  Each recognition badge will have a unique badge number and the recipient’s name so that the work cannot be copied or taken by someone who has not received the honor.

How does a researcher or artistic contributor receive an honor?

Anyone can email Bigfootology and nominate someone for one of these honors. Just go to the appropriate badge page and look for the email link to nominate a person or organization. After Bigfootology receives the nomination they will review the nomination and the advisory board will vote on the nomination. If a person or organization is approved the award or credential will be awarded.

This is governing guidelines for the advisory board:

Credential Criteria:

– The advisory team can, by simple majority, bestow on any candidate or organization the appropriate credential as long as all of the selection criteria are met.

– The advisory team can remove the credential by a 60% majority, or place the researcher or organization in a probationary status if any of the criteria are not met at any time.

– A simple application process will act as a contract between Bigfootology and the individual researcher or research organization.

– The advisory team can choose to recognize a researcher or research organization without having had an application filed if another member of the advisory team has nominated that researcher or organization.

– Advisory team member must also qualify for at least one of these credentials to be a part of the advisory team.

– Academics and other scientific disciplines may be granted a recognized credential without the required one year wait if they are credentialed, masters or doctoral level degree, by an accredited university and are active contributors to the acquisition of knowledge in their scientific discipline.

Go to each award or recognition page and read the criteria for each category:

Bigfoot Research Apprentice
Recognized Bigfoot Researcher
Endorsed Research Organization
Legacy Award: Legendary Bigfoot Researcher (20 plus years of active research)
Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Graphic Artist
Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Literary Artist
Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Musical Artist
Recognized Bigfoot Artist: Visual Artist

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