Team Bigfootology

Team Bigfootology is a team of experts in their field (academic scientists) and field experts. It takes a multidisciplinary team to discover evidence and analyze that evidence under the scrutiny of modern science. Our international team continues to grow and we are adding members by invitation and team consensus. The mission and goals of Bigfootology require a multidisciplinary global effort which requires the talents and intellect of many in order to analyze evidence and data to establish the species. By utilizing the masterminding principle where a multidisciplinary team gathers to seek solutions, Bigfootology is able to provide logical results in order to develop the record of the Bigfoot species, by any other name, in terms of physiology, psychology, history, sociology, and more.

Each person on this team is a valuable member of the team and brings unique skills, knowledge, and understanding, and we are privileged to have their voice as part of this great endeavor of understanding the Bigfoot phenomenon.

A personal thank you from me to each person on Team Bigfootology. I could not do this without your help. You are Bigfootology. – Rhettman A. Mulis, Jr., PhD-ABD, CAF, MHP

There are two primary groups, academic scientists and field researchers, but all team members contribute their intellectual voice to the Bigfoot phenomenon through advise, they help govern the organization, and contribute in many forms including literary, audio, or visual forms.

You can click on each researcher’s biography, below, to learn more about them.

Team Bigfootology Academic and Scientific Researchers

Team Bigfootology Field and Supporting Researchers

Honorary Bigfootology Team Members

Non-Team Bigfootology Consultants
(Thank you for all you do and all you have done for us.)

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