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Originally S.I.R. Bigfoot since 1986.
Sasquatch Investigations and Research – Bigfoot
Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., PhD-ABD, CAF, MHP

Welcome to the Bigfootology website where the discussion is specific to evidence, researchers, research organizations, and the scientific merit of evidence both historical and current.

This site is a free exchange of information, data, and evidence so we can educate new enthusiasts and in addition to new evidences we will publish articles from scientist-scholar contributors. This site is not about me or my organization, it is about honoring and recognizing current and past individual researchers and endorse research organizations to lend credibility. I will eventually add a discussion forum and will work with various social networks so people can plug in regardless of their medium.  That means that strict criteria will be developed and a small, manageable, committee will be formed to vote on individual researchers and research organizations on which ones to endorse and honor. Consider it a form of licensing and legitimizing their work and existence as researchers. This site is about the shared contributions of many researchers and research organizations and the accumulative evidence, data, and intellectual contributions throughout the many years of the Bigfoot phenomenon. We seek to honor these organizations and individual researchers by sharing their stories and contributions. When the Bigfoot phenomenon is finally established as a genus, it will be these organizations and individual researchers who will be given the credit for helping establish that new genus.

We seek to create a hub of information of evidence and data as well as to honor organizations and individual researchers for their valuable contributions. There are many great organizations and individual researchers that document incidents and track sightings, but that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to analyze that data to establish trends and develop theory and an overall picture of the Bigfoot’s behavior and requirements. This is a joint effort and we do not seek to document incidents and sightings aside from what is pertinent to data and evidence analysis and only as part of the overall narrative.

This is a free site for all to use and benefit from. We do not charge anyone to review the information and evidence here and we do not pay for information or evidence, or articles and information to post here. This is a cooperative effort. We are researchers and scientists coming together to answer the grand question of Bigfoot’s existence without bringing risk or harm to them.

Contributions in the form of photographs, audio files, videos, and scholarly articles are welcome and reviewed to be determined if it is suitable to become a part of the growing cache of knowledge in order to establish through empirical and evidentiary data the existence of a large North-American, and global, hominid.

This site is a clearing-house of information to educate the general public about the Bigfoot phenomenon, share data, evidence, and information between many field research organizations and individual researchers, and scientists, all under the guidance of those of us in the various scientific disciplines who can temper the evidence against science.

Those of you who know me well know my passion for science and for Bigfoot. Ultimately I am work to establish the field of Bigfootology as a legitimate and credible field of science and to establish the existence of Bigfoot without placing the animal or habitat at risk.

Together we all can accomplish this.

The goal of resurrecting this old site comes with a new look and it is to be more refined in terms of data and evidence. It will take some time to redesign and fill the site with content, so be patient and bookmark this site so you can check back on occasion. It will take some time and slowly new sections will come online as it is developed and finished. Be patent while the real work is done behind the scenes.

On a more personal note, I have been involved with the Bigfoot Phenomenon since my first sighting in 1977. Since that time I have investigated and researched the Bigfoot phenomenon academically and in the field. I have experienced two eye-witness encounters, experienced multiple vocalizations, successfully conducted many field experiments, consulted with many individuals to have their own experiences in the field, and have had the privilege of working with and befriending many great and legendary researchers. Sasquatch Investigation and Research: Bigfoot (S.I.R. Bigfoot) and the term “Bigfootology” was officially formed and used in 1986 with most of its actual field research activity occurring in the 1990’s and early 2000’s but over the last few years it has mostly functioned in the capacity of advisement and education regarding the Bigfoot phenomenon.

I bring to this field my own scientific expertise in research, behavior analysis, research methodologies, and theory development. Out of my growing understanding from modern and historical accounts I began chronicling and teaching about the Bigfoot phenomenon and theories that I have developed through the various evidences that have been compiled throughout the years from my own data analysis and other researchers both in the field and in the scientific disciplines.

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