S.I.R. Bigfoot Presentation for Bigfoot Central with Dallas Tanner – August 3, 2004

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S.I.R. Bigfoot Presentation for Bigfoot Central with Dallas Tanner – August 3, 2004
In 2004 I was asked to be on the Bigfoot Central Internet radio program with Dallas Tanner. In preparation for that audio environment I developed a visual follow-along for those that were listening and wanted to see what Dallas and I were discussing. This visual material is part of the live presentation I gave for the International/Western Bigfoot Society in June 2004 in Portland (that video will be posted later as it is converted to a digital format). This original follow-along presentation was a part of our old SIRBigfoot website that has long been taken down and is now replaced by this new Bigfootology site. Bigfootology, Bigfoot Chronicles and Sasquatch Investigations and Research: Bigfoot (SIR BIGFOOT) has been around since the late 1980’s.

The audio recordings for this presentation are broken down into the first hour and second hour.

Listen: (Audio may take a couple of minutes to begin depending on your connection speed.)

Hour 1 – Starts automatically.         Hour 2 – Starts manually. Click play.

SIRBigfoot and Bigfootology acknowledges Dallas Tanner’s contribution to this field and for the provision of these audio recordings. One more note, in the first hour the audio breaks up for about 20 seconds, so do not think that it is your connection or your computer. Be patient and you will get past it. You do not miss anything of substance through this short period.


  • Name and biographical information.
  • Education, vocational experiences.
  • Introduction of family and friends.
  • Not an expert. I don’t claim to know the answers just curious and enjoying the adventure.
  • I am a casual camper who had some experiences.
  • I take the scientific approach and look for trends among sightings data, historical and current.

Swimming Sasquatch 

  • 1977, June or July Approximately, summer time, clear day, warm, relatively calm sea.
  • The Ferry Ride to Victoria, several people on back of Ferry witnessed the same.
  • Swimming animal, with upper stroke, large arms, and dark fur/skin.
  • Once thought it was swimming to San Juan Islands, but in retrospect and analyzing maps, it was to Whidbey Island.
  • Going fishing and walking through the old forest, whistling…Bill Cosby says it keeps away monsters. Later while doing research, I realize whistling attracts them.

The Cry in the Trees 

  • 1998, moved to Admiral’s Cove, Whidbey Island.
  • Just got back from Bellis-Fair Mall in Bellingham.
  • Dad was living with us at the time. Time was 11:30 at night.
  • Very little lighting, so very dark.
  • Dropped a box of hardware out of the van, Dad, Betty and Dylan was already in the house.
  • As I was picking it up, I heard the dog’s howling in the neighborhood in fear. Hair all over my body stood up.
  • I heard the Bigfoot howling over the top of the dogs howling.
  • Betty came back out to see what I was doing, and was talking. I hushed her and told her to listen.
  • She realized that she was hearing a Bigfoot too, from all of the sounds that I had played for her.
  • I got up, walked into the street and walked down to the street to where the Bigfoot was. I got to the lot where it was and it went quite.


  The Tulalip Bigfoot 

  • 1997, summer, went to the Tulalip reservation to investigate old sighting stories from an old Adak Indian woman (Gerry’s sister) who was caretaker for an abandoned quarry.
  • Single wide trailer, bumps and looks through the window. Last visitation had been over a year.
  • Went down to quarry pond where the last sighting was. Found nesting area north of gravel road in trees.
  • Rounded the gravel road as we approached the pond, Gerry hollered out, “Look at that”, we saw female Bigfoot squatting in the march at the edge of the pond next to the Raspberry bush. She raised and raced behind the bush and into the woods.
  • Gerry and I ran around to catch up. When I saw her go into the woods I noticed a dead end paved road, and a dirt road into the forest. I raced back and drove my Jeep around to the location and picked up Gerry, we tracked her through the woods for an hour. Could still hear her, but could not see her. 

The Oak Harbor Bigfoot 

  • The Screamer in the night, approximately 11:30 AM. All of the traffic.
  • Next day went to ask around. Found direct encounter person.
  • Trapped coyotes. Different sound. Got dressed, walked up road with flashlight, falling the sound.
  • Got across the street and heard sound on other side of fences garden.
  • Turned on flashlight and sound stopped.  Person went home.
  • Went up to house found two sets of adult tracks coming out of forest Northeast of home, through back yard, through covered area, into small grassy area nestled in the trees. Found two large sit down spots, with tall stalks of grass still standing where they leaned up against each other.
  • Found tracks showing inspection of area. Tracks led up to North part of garden area, where there were two very large lay-down areas next to the garden fence.
  • Tracks then went on west side of garden fence, stepped over the gravel driveway, over 5 foot fence, and into field with grass at the same height as the fence. Obvious tracks swing east through high grass back into forest towards the ravine area.
  • Owners of house were home, and were very elderly with hearing aids. They heard nothing. But this event woke up most of the valley east of Oak Harbor.

The Burial Mounds 

  • Went down to answer a call about sightings on a property where the property owner had just built a new cabin.
  • Looks in window, shadows racing by windows. Dark area, no lights.
  • Found tracks through high grass, scat, and trail, found bone near partially dug up mound.
  • Owner showed me mounds along the trail, and three close by the cabin.
  • Went back for a second visit, as more encounters had been taking place. Found adult track with juvenile track, the juvenile track was half the size of the adult and meandered. Tried to follow the trail deeper into the bluff area, but could not, too dense and did not have permission from landowners further up.
  • There was a fresh water pound on some isolated land. Landowner was very reclusive and would not allow anyone on their land, very protective.

[fgallery id=1 w=600 h=450 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”Burial Mounds”]

Camping Games 

  • Marking items in place – a presence/proximaty test.
  • Finding a hole and sitting in it for as long as you can.
  • Ross Lake
  • South side of Mt. Rainier.


  • No one really knows for sure anything about the Bigfoot. Until a Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey-type researcher (primatologist) comes forth and studies these animals personally, then we all have just opinion. Together, enough opinions may produce some logical conclusions.  
  • Omnivorous.
  • Howling is to locate others in the dark, for whatever reason, uncertain.
  • Language.
  • Whistle is to keep track of each other in close proximity.
  • Require water source, tree cover, and prefers high mountain areas where requirements are easily met.
  • They live in family groups.
  • Bury their dead.
  • They seem transitory, not migratory.
  • They hunt in packs, similar to monkeys.
  • They sleep in fetal positions, in the open, to preserve heat, stomach down.
  • They dwell in caves, mostly, if possible.
  • For the most part, they are insatiably curious, and are primarily gentle.
  • They will protect themselves.
  • They are guardians of the forest, and love children.
  • They can use rudimentary tools, and have been known to take clothing, and other items of curiosity.

Note from the original site: The solution to the Mystery Bone found at one of the burial mounds, courtesy of our friends at bigfootforums.com. It is the cut rear piece of a deer skull.

Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP
Academic and Field Researcher

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