Orleans, California, 1992 – Tim Olson

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Orleans, California, 1992

by Tim Olson

From 1990 until late 1992, I lived in Orleans, California, an area very wild, full of timber, lakes, rivers, and wildlife of all kinds. Bluff Creek is just a few miles away and sightings of Bigfoot in this area, according to the locals, are happening now in 2010 just as the reported sighting did in this story in 1992. The lady, Sharon, I interviewed was going to take me back to where it happened, but we were met with resistance. It was on private property and we were promised that the owners of the land would shoot first and ask questions later. Instead of going back, we sat down at The Pines Trailer Park where I lived at the time and discussed her experience and this is what she told me.

Sitting at a picnic table Sharon told me what happened on a December day while looking for mushrooms. Sharon starts the conversation by describing the animals face and she also gave me a detailed drawing. After a couple of minutes I asked her to begin at the beginning of that day as the encounter was near the end of the story and I felt that there were interesting details to share in addition to the sighting.

Sharon: “The hair on the face was; I don’t know how to explain it. She had eyebrows that were different from the rest of the hair on her face and they had they had little, little wisps that curled upward I saw her really close, she was right up above me not very high at all.”

Tim: Why don’t we start at the beginning, and tell me why you were to begin with…

Sharon: “We were looking for Tan Oak Mushrooms, I was out there with a couple friends of mine and this was in late December 1991 and it was towards the end of the mushrooming day, about 4:00, and I kept telling the guys that we had to be down off of the hill, so they went down one side and I went down the other side alone. I started to follow deer tracks because the deer eat the mushrooms; there are a lot of critters out there that eat the mushrooms. This is a way of finding them. The forest floor where you find these mushrooms at have a layer of mulch that is up to two or three feet deep and when you dig through the mulch you find the mushrooms underneath. Certain animals will dig around them and you can tell where there has been a deer dig, you can tell where the bears have dug and you can tell where the raccoons have dug all by different digs (types/styles and footprints of the animals), and also by the way the mushroom is pulled out of the ground. I started to go through this patch of mushrooms and I found pieces of mushrooms everywhere, like they had been eaten or peeled apart and tossed everywhere this was very unusual because man is the only one that does this – and man wouldn’t tear the mushrooms apart.

What disturbed me was that the way the forest floor looked, it would have taken fifty people to rake through the mulch as much as it had been with pieces of mushroom everywhere but the holes were picked perfect. It was picked perfectly round like a human does it and then the mushroom is picked stem and all. The difference between animals and humans is that most animals just nibble or claw out the mushroom, messy, man is articulate about it.

There were mushrooms everywhere and I was going down this side of the hill and there was no wind blowing and I was very aware of what was going on and I got way down into the ravine and the guys were way over on the other side of the hill, down by the road and I was over on the other side of the mountain and I was standing next to this tree and it started to shake. It scared me, startled me and I jumped back, looked up and there she was and when I looked into her face I knew it was a woman. I guess she was a Bigfoot and she was squatted on this tree branch but you could see that she was much bigger. In other words, she had made herself look very small. Her knees were up by her head and she was holding a baby and they appeared to be about ten feet up in the tree.

What I think happened was that they were eating the mushrooms, I startled them and they climbed that tree. That’s the only thing I can think of because the tracking of the mushrooms ended right there. So they were probably foraging. Then I heard this sound or a cry which was very loud and she turned her head real quick towards it and I believe it was a male up in another tree.

By the way Tim, she remained in this squatting position at all times and never stood up on the branch, but she kept looking at this one in the other tree but he was further away. He was closer to the top of the ridge, where I had to go back to get back over. By looking at where she was staring, I eventually saw the other creature, it was much bigger and it was like hugging itself to another tree as if it were a part of it. To tell you the truth at first I didn’t know whether to crap or run but I was fascinated. I just stood there in awe.”

Tim: As close as you were to this female animal in the tree can you describe her to me?

Sharon: “The thing I remember about her most was that she had these incredible eyes. She had very long eyelashes; her eyes were a unique mixture of a blue, green and a gray. The eyes were very large also her hair was very, very long and it had a silvery-red-black color mix. Also, I felt no fear from this animal, it was suckling its baby but no threatening gestures were made. The hair was very fine not matted down and she did not stink or smell.

Eventually, I went back up over the ridge and I was very excited about it, but I did not want to tell anyone about it either. When I came over the top of the ridge the male swung down across to these trees. He didn’t really swing, he reached out and he had an incredible reach on his arms and he made this move that I had never seen anything, an ape or anything move the way he moved. He went through four trees and down to the ground. He was kind of swinging and kind of walking and he swung down to the ground in one swoop and followed me and chased the car down the hill.

Bob was driving and he should have not have been going more than 15 miles per hour, laughing, but I know he was doing at least 30 miles per hour and in some places forty. But he was on the ridge, there was a ridge on top of the road there, and he followed us up on the ridge, and he ran alongside of us almost to the bottom of the road.”

Tim: How far did he chase you guys?

Sharon: “I would say about five miles, nonstop from 25 to about 35 miles per hour. I watched him and he was watching me. He was running in and out of these trees and around them, he was running amazingly fast like he knew this terrain like the back of his hand and he didn’t even have to see it and when we reached the bottom of the mountain it was gone, like it stepped into the side of the mountain and I never saw it again. All I can tell you about him besides its agility and speed was that it was jet black in color and it did appear to have a beard, quite a long one and he was huge he had to be ten feet tall at least, that’s how I knew that it wasn’t a bear up in a tree it was too big to be a bear.

From what I have heard the locals tell me, apparently there is a tribe that lives there and several families inhabit the area. Sighting one in this area is not uncommon at all.”

– Tim Olson

Editor/Researcher’s note:
by Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP

From an academic researcher’s perspective this is an outstanding interview and report. Tim asked some great questions but the interviewee, Sharon, provided excellent details that contribute to dietary data, as well as behaviors of male and female Bigfoot and physical abilities.

From this credible report we can add mushrooms to their diet. Bigfoot are an opportunistic eater like many animals, but not scavengers because I have never seen a report where they were eating an animal that was rotting, or taking road-kill. They will steal a fresh killed deer from hunters and fish from fisherman.  This contributes to the thinking of being a transitory creature, going to where the food is currently in season.

Regarding physical ability, they have the ability to climb trees effortlessly, and maneuver through three trees as well as on land. This is corroborated by recent video evidence as well as other historic reports. It corroborates other evidence that shows great agility and speed. There are thermal tracking of large animals moving away from researchers at speeds of 25 miles an hour. This is why a human being will only come across a Bigfoot if the Bigfoot wants to be known or if caught by surprise. It also means that a human could not escape a Bigfoot unless the Bigfoot wanted to let a human go in terms of being threatening.

This witnesses account also gives us information regarding feminine features including eyebrows and eyelashes and even more interestingly that that, the coloration of the eyes, which is different from the traditional dark orbs contributed to other Bigfoot. This may be evidence of genetic intermingling from historic accounts of Bigfoot breeding with humans.

In terms of behavior, it also shows that they have the great ability to be quite, to be still, and to make themselves small by balling up (squatting) which enables them to remain hidden, as well as the ability to be high in the trees and using trees to conceal themselves.

It also shows a patriarchal family group with the male as a protector. The female looked towards the male for guidance and strength. The male took on the role of defender and made sure that the area was clear, that the potential threat was cleared. They showed passivity, but just like any animal they can defend themselves and even commit offensive acts if they feel threatened, as also corroborated by other historic reports.

This report shows that Bigfootlets cling to their mother and suck at the nipple like all mammals and primates. In this class the Bigfootlet may have been given the nipple to keep it quiet.

Tim provided a great service in terms of extracting the background story from this witness. This is an example of what a quality interview looks like and the kind of information we can data mine and provide a better profile of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

– Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP
Academic/Field Researcher

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