Recognized Researcher – Dr. Anna Nekaris (Great Britain)

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Dr. Anna Nekaris (Great Britain)

Dr. Anna Nekaris’ presentation on the existence-potential of the Bigfoot/Yeti.

Searching for the Yeti: Canig the abominable snowman really be out there? by Dr. Anna Nekaris of Oxford Brooks University in Great Britain, presents her views on the possibility of the existence of a Yeti, or Bigfoot. (Video length – 46 minutes.)

Recently she was one of four academic and field researchers that were brought together to review evidence regarding the Bigfoot phenomenon and provided her primatologist’s input regarding nocturnal species and her own discoveries in recent years.

Her presentation is given here as a tool to enlighten others on the global phenomenon that is Bigfoot (by any other name). She provides an academic perspective on the possible existence of an unknown, extremely large, hominid.

This is an academic lecture so it can seem dry at times. But to other academics like myself, this is quite interesting, informative, and considered quite entertaining. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Dr. Nekaris has spent a lot of research time in the field in Trinidad, Senegal, Utah, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Uganda and Kenya, working directly with several animal species including nocturnal primates, capturing, tagging, and documenting their existence, including the discovery of some new species.

You can read more about Dr. Anna Nekaris at the Pulse-Project. According to her biography, Dr. Anna Nekaris is a Reader in Biological Anthropology and Primate Conservation, Department of Anthropology and Geography at Oxford Brookes University. 

– Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr.

Searching for the Yeti: Can the abominable snowman really be out there? – Dr. Anna Nekaris

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