Dr. Ed Fusch and the Colville Tribal area.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

9 foot statue of Bigfoot, Rhettman and Dr. Ed Fusch.Dr. Ed Fusch and the Colville Tribal area.

Colveville Tribe HairAs most of you know, I have been trying to reach Dr. Ed Fusch for over a year now and last Friday night he replied to an email and we struck while the iron was hot and drove out to Omak, Washington, to interview him. We had a great time and discussed Patrick, his offspring, and the Colville Tribes, as well as Jean-Paul Debenat’s book. I was hoping to interview Jean-Paul as well, as he is in Seattle at the moment, but have not been successful in reaching him.

We recorded everything and we will put it out in a video eventually. Ed took us out to the reservation and showed us the 9 foot tall steel Bigfoot statue up on a ridge where Bigfoots are known to travel through. Ed took us behind into the woods to get up close access to this statue up on the ridge and that was great.

As I closed the barbed-wire fence and got back into the Bigfootology-mobile Betty’s hawk-eye spotted some hairs on the barbed-wire fence in the grassy-tree area. We took photos and broke out the tweezers and plastic bags and took all of the hair. There was definitive track ways on both sides of the fence so something was stepping over it in its travel, though the prints were unclear.

Possible Bigfoot HairThe hair is long and course and brownish. We filled up an entire ziplock back and that is the most hair I have ever seen at one time and we went down that fence line and grabbed all that we could. We will be adding that to the sample we are already sending to Dr. Sykes. Bear, elk, deer, and moose use the area as well but the color, length, and even height of the snags were not conducive to those animals, though we are attempting verification of the species, so if anyone knows of a biologist that can inspect them and help determine if they are from a known species or not would be helpful. Contact us Bigfoot@Bigfootology.com. There are horses and cows on the reservation but not in this area and the fence is to keep people from trespassing from the dirt road into the statue area. Whatever it was, it stepped over the fence in the wooded area to move through the area.

Dr. Ed Fusch is now an official Team Bigfootology member, representing Bigfootology in Washington State, Arizona, and in Mexico.Dr. Ed Fusch

It was an amazing day.

Rhettman and Dr. Ed Fusch - Team Bigfootology– Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP

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