A message from Loren Coleman.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

A message from Loren Coleman.

We received this wonderful message from Loren Coleman.

I deeply appreciate the fine folks at Bigfootology for all they did to share the weekend with all those who could not travel to Harrison Hot Springs. My heartfelt thanks to them.

Rhettman, I sincerely apologize for not doing any interview with you. I wanted to and every time I thought it was going to happen, someone from the conference planning committee seemed to be pulling me in another direction.

Let’s do it someway.

Loren Coleman

Our reply:


It was a pleasure to finally meet you face to face after all of the years of off and on communication. I look forward to meeting with you at some time in the future, whether that is a trip for me to Portland, or if you meet in some other mutual location in the future.

Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP

Note: Loren Coleman is now a senior advisor and member of Team Bigfootology. Check out Loren’s site, www.cryptomundo.com
and check out his museum: http://cryptozoologymuseum.com/

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