Staying above the fray: Removing politics and egos from Bigfootology.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Staying above the fray: Removing politics and egos from Bigfootology.

As many of you know, I have been in and out of this field for 36 years and I have met a lot of people and have heard a lot of things. Some things I have heard are great and make sense and some things I have heard leave me scratching my head wondering what the person was taking or possibly sniffing before I talked to them. You know what I am talking about. The field of Bigfootology is very much like a family. Most people are warm, caring, genuine people and when we get together it is like a family reunion. But just like with any family there are the angry relatives that do not seem to get along with anyone and then there are the strange relatives that everyone listens to politely and nods their heads in order to indulge them and their thinking without necessarily challenging the delusion.

Over the years I have met people who have some very strange ideas. I have met people that are very angry and tend to attack other people. I have witnessed heated arguments, threats and so on, over a disagreement, to which I always found humorous because they were arguing over something that could not be proven or disproven. As I tell people who ask about Bigfoot, most of the opinions that people hold in this field are purely subjective and just opinion, not fact. Very little in fact is actually known as fact. Most of what we have is theory and theory stops becoming theory when it is established as fact or non-fact. Even the work we do at Bigfootology is opinion based on data analysis, and even that comes down to opinion because the species remains uncataloged. It is true that some opinions are based on defined research and some opinion is based on wild imaginations, which makes some opinions more likely than others.

I have remained friends and acquaintances with most of the Bigfoot family regardless of whether they were the angry family or the strange relatives with weird ideas and I have done so because I choose to treat people with respect and honor, regardless of their history, their kooky ideas, or if they are angry. Because I have known a lot of people over the years and am told things about other researchers and in terms of the actual science the information I receive is not relevant. The reality is simply this; no one is perfect and just about everyone brings something to this field. It is better to listen than to be force others to think that person is “right.” In time, when the species is finally cataloged, we will know who was correct and incorrect, and even then it will not matter because the record will be set straight.

So whatever you do, try to keep politics out of what you do. No I am not talking about government politics; I am talking about the back-biting, arrogance, and egos that I see from time to time from some individuals in this field. Like I am always saying, this will take contributions from everyone to accomplish the goal of bringing Bigfootology into the mainstream of science. So let us treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. Let us not attack each other, or talk ill of each other because there is a disagreement on a point that cannot be verified in either way at this point. It is pure silliness.

Bigfootology seeks to honor people for their contributions and a person can make contributions to this field. That means that some people may be recognized that other people will not be happy about. That is okay, because that person that may be unhappy about someone being recognized may make other people unhappy when we recognize their work as well. Leave the politics out of this field, Bigfoot deserves more from all of us.

Most of you know what I am talking about. You feel that sense of brother and sisterhood with other enthusiasts in this field. Unfortunately, there are bullies in this field, just like there are in all fields or research, and we have all had to deal with the arrogance, egos, and threats from others, or
witnessed someone tearing someone else down in a third-person context. Do not enable these people by being drawn into the arguments. It is best just to ignore them instead of running the risk of compromising integrities by engaging people who have questionable integrities. There is a difference between a healthy discussion, or debate, and attacking someone else personally. When I see that happening, I withdraw myself from that person or team and I have done that many times over the years.

So I hope that all of us keep this in mind when we interact with each other. If you see someone disrespecting someone else, do not give that situation the attention that person is seeking. If you find an arrogant research team, and there are some, do not indulge them. Just leave them alone.

We must treat each other with the dignity that Bigfoot deserves.

– Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP

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