Who is a Bigfoot expert?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Who is a Bigfoot expert?

Who is an expert in all things Bigfoot? Is there such a person? Not really.

There are people who have knowledge about the phenomenon, and there are some that have knowledge about the interactions with these animals, and there are people have some knowledge about the animal itself, and there are individuals that have some combination of each. Bigfootology classifies researchers as academic and/or field researchers. We understand that field researchers are just as valuable in terms of input and acquisition of data as the doctor of anatomy, or biology, and so on, or in my case psychology. A drum that I keep beating is that it will take many people establish this species and is has to be something very public. Keeping secrets and hiding information is considered unethical in scientific circles and when we look back at the history of the Bigfoot phenomenon it has accomplish nothing. So we must share information, interact with respect and fairness always keeping a healthy attitude of skepticism and objectivity.

So this is about a conversation between field researchers and academic specialists who can take all of the incoming information and continually adjust conclusions so that a more thorough and appropriate picture evolves about the species. So no one can claim an expertise in terms of the Bigfoot species, though it can be noted that there are some people who do have a vast knowledge of the history of the phenomenon, there are people who have knowledge of the animal’s behaviors, or diet, or habitat, and so on. As we all share our information and our understanding from other disciplines and species we hone our understanding of the Bigfoot species with this new incoming and shared information.

For some of you, you will have already figured out that this is the application of the mastermind principle to the field of Bigfootology. We all bring our knowledge, experiences, and in some cases, expertise in various disciplines, in order to find the answers to the many questions that need to be answered regarding the Bigfoot phenomenon. So is there a Bigfoot “expert”? Not at all, but there are people who are more nowledgeable about the phenomenon than others and some of you may have already thought of someone who fits this picture (e.g., John Green, Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel, Ray Crowe, Loren Coleman, and so on). Do those people have all of the answers? Not at all, and they can even be wrong about some conclusions they may hold. The trick it to remain flexible at all times and to be willing to evolve our assumptions and
conclusions as we learn more.

We welcome all to the conversation and enjoy the interaction and camaraderie that this endeavor creates in each of us.

-Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, MHP
Founder: S.I.R. Bigfoot and Bigfootology

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