Chronology of the newest north Louisiana site by Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Chronology of the newest north Louisiana site by Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell

I will have to check the office for the approximate start date of interesting phenomena at this current location.

Here is the general chronology over about a year now. A new friend who lives in a somewhat remote location on a secluded and swampy section of a large body of water in northwest Louisiana stated in a curious manner (not knowing of my research interests) that he and his significant other had been experiencing some odd occurrences since moving out onto this location.

The first occurrence was a deep loud large growl about 3 AM when they had first moved out there. (This came from the island where the turtle pictures were taken just recently.) They next heard a lot of limbs breaking and trees falling at night over a short period of time. He found a deer carcass that he thought some hunter had apparently dumped. He later noted the front legs had been broken and it was later dragged off into very thick brush.

He lost a stray dog and a goat next. There was no sign of them anywhere and he never saw them again. He subsequently set several traps and is a very experienced hunter trapper with perhaps 60 coyotes and 20-30 bobcats, etcetera, trapped. He found the first trap sprung with a large stick and the duck bait gone. He then found the second hidden trap completely revealed as it by whisk broom, with the duck gone and trap unsprang.

He felt this was a direct challenge of wits and he had never seen this before. The duck, I myself hung in a tree, was also pulled down and only one foot left dangling from the line. I hung it about 7 feet off the ground on a limb. I left other bait that was not touched and allowed to completely spoil rotten.

The couple has heard wood knocks, as have I, on several occasions. He has heard bipedal running in the shallow water at night. They have heard whoops and answering whoops on several occasions. A neighbor reluctantly confessed to the resident that he had seen what he initially took to be a bear walking upright last fall during deer season near a cutover about 800 yards away (apparently after some peanut butter he was using for deer). This mammal was reportedly about 5 feet tall with dark hair all over and walking with agility on two legs. He observed it through his scope for a brief time. The neighbor is credible in my judgment and had no agenda that I could detect. He did not want any notoriety. (The resident, at
the very beginning of their stay out there had encountered a distracted motorist whom he thought was trying to dump trash on his property, who said he was following up on a “bigfoot sighting” but this was early on and he had not gotten any license or contact info.)

More recently, the couple while clearing brush on the island, stumbled onto a very large nauseating scat pile on the island that actually did make his partner physically ill. They were greatly vexed by insects and had no baggies for the sample and returned to the mainland. I, and others, returned to try to find the sample but failed to find the scat but subsequently found many turtle shells that had been eaten by some predator on the island.

The interesting proto-tool bashing rock was also previously found on the island (see video on my Facebook page) as well as the little cave under the tree root. The last event of late is the sighting by the resident’s significant other along with evidence of a small animal killed and eaten at the water’s edge.

The recent sighting from last Wednesday afternoon that prompted the new posting here occurred when the female of the couple spotted what she initially thought was a “black bear” standing on the right side of the road as the couple crested the hill in their truck returning home. The man stopped and looked for tracks in the sand and these ostensible findings are posted on the video here along with other info of this incident. I came ASAP to this site for follow up and heard with the male resident of the property a crystal clear wood knock about 60 yards into the thick brush about an eighth of a mile from the visual sighting where he had last heard a clear whoop.

In retrospect I left out a possible track found by David (see pic on my Facebook page) and I and some hoop trees and the nest structure (video posted there) that one can see via the earliest video I posted to this site. I will add to this chronology as more events are reported or experienced directly.

A very practical map of this area and adjacent active areas can be found on the Texas BFResearch Conservancy site. This is in Caddo Parish with Harrison County Texas and Panola County having a high number of sightings nearby although there are actually many, many, more compelling unreported sightings in north Louisiana that we are not formally posting due to ongoing research at these sites. There is even one very credible pro-commercial fisherman witness with a sighting last April of a large hairy mother and small hairy child in early AM WITHIN the city limits on “12 mile bayou”. I have some theories on why these sites may be desirable but that will have to be a later discussion.

– Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell

Great news…my habituation site couple called earlier tonight around dusk with a possible sighting with prints. Returning down entry road before dark, the woman said “look a black bear (standing upright over 6’2″) in ditch by road.” Mammal then dropped to all fours and bound into brush. Man missed visual but located tracks (no claw marks noted anywhere) leaving scene in ostensible quadruped fashion. Later tonight not far from this location where man and woman last heard clear “whoop”, I and this man heard distinct crystal clear but modest single wood knock less that 100 yards into brush. No credible human’s possibility near us. I also have pictures from Saturday of about 8 post predation turtle shells along trail on island 200 yards east of this event. More info in the morning. Will load this first video post event along with whatever else we find (BTW no bears whatsoever here according to W&F Agents) – Dr. Webb Sentell

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