Southern Oregon outing report 8/12/2011 by Greg Roberts.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Southern Oregon outing report 8/12/2011 by Greg Roberts.

Well, I promised this and finally have a few minutes to get this out.

I was really looking forward to this trip on several levels. It was the 27th anniversary of my first encounter. I was returning to an area where I had encounters and track finds before. And, it was my first time taking experienced Bigfooters into one of my hot spots. Also, the Perseid Meteor Shower was providing the promise of some pretty spectacular stargazing that night as well.

Conditions worked out to be ideal. A big full moon providing plenty of light. Pleasantly warm evening with little if any wind, and other wildlife like deer on the move.

We assembled the members of the team in Butte Falls at about 9:30. The team was myself, Tom Graham from State of Jefferson Sasquatch, my buddy James Monson, and Tom’s friends Chris and Jocelynn. Chris and Jocelynn live out in the Illinois Valley and have more than a little experience with Squatches as they will frequent the property they live on out there. Jocelynn also brought her dog along. He would not factor in any way in what would unfold.

My first target area for the night was a spot I had been to before on several occasions. I had always had a plan for it I had never been able to pull off because I just did not have enough experienced people. I had hoped to have four teams of 2 people each to set up and cover this area. As it would turn out, I would have 2 teams of two, and then James as an ambush / video and audio recorder. Tom had an older set of night vision goggles with him that with the conditions of Friday night were working perfectly.

We departed Butte Falls about 10 pm and headed up towards the first target zone.

Prior to getting there, there was a side road that bisected a drainage that I wanted to check out. On this road in the past I had found tracks, been the recipient of wood knocks, and heard vocalizations. It also came to a large patch of manzanita brush that had one of the largest pathways through it I have ever seen. The pathway had been well used, and it also featured two trees bent to mark it out on either side of the entrance on the low end of it. I was anxious to see what would unfold there as it had been two years since I had been on it.

When we got to it I was shocked by what I found. It was REALLY overgrown! Our wet spring this year had contributed to an explosion of growth that had changed much about that road. So we drove down it and everything looked completely different and I lost my bearings in there. We could not reach the end of the road anymore due to it being so grown over, and had to turn around and go back. This was disappointing because we were unable to get to a known crossing site where I found the single best footprint I have ever found back in 2007.

We were going back to the main road we had come off of and I was all mixed up trying to work out where everything had been. I was driving along and suddenly realized we were going right past the passage way through the manzanita which was now all gown over and clearly not being used anymore. That was a disappointment to be sure. we got out and took a quick look around, but there was really nothing much there to see but brush, so we piled back into my truck and started driving back down the road. We hadn’t gone but about 100 yards when I spotted a partial footprint on the bank! I stopped the truck and we all got out and examined the find. We had the heel of what I believed was a left foot, (James did shoot video of this), and then am impression of what could be the right foot. The track was not particularly large as these things go…but it was there all the same. Tom and I began to work up the slope and into a reprod area with trees up to 40 feet high. Once we got into the field a little bit we heard a whistle from our ten o’ clock. This was a very quiet type of sound, and it really was hard to identify what made it for sure. We peered out into the area for quite some time.

Tom said he was sure something was moving around out there just through the brush. I let loose with two vocalizations. I did a whoop…and then followed it later with a Columbiana County type howl. Neither got a response.

We went back to the road, and then Tom and Chris went into the area on the downhill side of the road. This goes down into a creek drainage with a lot of big old growth timber. The whole area here is just ideal habitat. I stayed up on the road and worked my way about 30 feet back down the road from where we found the first track. I then found an old track that was more of an impression that looked like it might be the footprint of a juvenile. James and I looked it over pretty good and this one did appear to have a toe crown to it without claws so obviously not a bear.

About this time Tom busts up out of the brush and tells me he is getting movement down where he and Chris are. I go with him, but leave James and Jocelynn stationed at the truck to watch the road in case we scare anything out. We were stopped on a straight stretch that offered good visibility for quite a ways in front and behind the truck. We left the headlights on and the motor running. I did that in part to see if it might help provoke a curiosity response.

Tom and I went down through the brush without flashlights on. We did not need them, and I wanted to move as much in the dark as I could. We got down to where Chris was and he reported that he was still hearing movement. We quit whispering and just listened for a time. I too could hear movement very lightly from down below us. However, to my ear I was pretty sure that what we were hearing, and what they had been hearing was deer traversing the slope.

All the same, I decide to do a couple of Barred Owl calls to see if I got a response of any kind. I did those and we waited it out for a while but got nothing by way of any response.

I decided that what was making those sounds had to be deer and headed back up onto the road. James and Jocelynn reported seeing nothing, or hearing anything so I decided to get everybody back into the truck and get to the target zone. As we waited on Tom and Chris I saw a pair of headlights round the bend coming towards us. It turned out to be a field researcher out studying owls. I chatted with him for a bit, and as we were doing that, Tom, Chris, and James were gathered at the back of my truck. They looked down the road behind us and saw some deer come up out of the draw Tom, Chris and I had just been in…So my suspicions as to the source of the sounds in there were confirmed. But, getting that kind of activity from the deer was an additional good sign.

We got into the truck and arrived at the target zone at 12:50 am.

We decided that Chris and I would work our way up the road to the top of the ridge, and Tom and Jocelynn would take this spur road that comes off the access road and drop down the ridge and get in position above a regrowth area bordered by old growth. EVERYBODY had forgotten to bring walkie-talkies! (Never do that again!). We decided that I would do my first howl at 1:25 and then Tom would respond with a whoop at 1:30. We left James sitting right in a saddle where he could watch the truck, (which also is where we left the dog), and he would run audio and video if it would be required. The moonlight had everything up there almost bright as day.

The groups split up and moved out and everything was working to plan.

After Chris and I got in position and had been there for a bit…Chris said he could hear a dog barking, (Jocelynn’s as it turned out), and he was hearing owls. I did not hear any of that, but that happens. Chris then said he was hearing what sounded like rocks clacking together. I could not hear that either. A couple of minutes later and at 1:24 we hear Tom make a whoop. He was early according to the plan…we did not understand that at all. We would find out later why! He did get a good owl response to his whoop that Chris and I clearly heard. I waited five minutes and then cut loose with one of the best howls I have ever done. Got GREAT acoustics on it and it rang and echoed through the nearby trees. Tom gave me a really good whoop response exactly five minutes after my howl. We got nothing additional on those calls. We sat in the area until three AM making periodic calls but getting nothing. The owls quit responding to us and we were getting no night sounds at all by then.

Chris and I headed to the truck, and when we got there…Tom and Jocelynn were there and VERY animated! They did have an encounter!

They had gone down the ridge following the road. They reported that everything was really gown up with underbrush. They said that as they were walking down they became aware of something paralleling them. It would stop when they did. Tom said they got about 300 yards down from the truck and decided to get ready. When they had been stopped for a couple of minutes, rock clacking started up. James clearly heard that and Chris also heard it. So I was the only one who did not hear it and Chris and I were a good quarter mile away and uphill from them so that will tell you how loud it was.

So hearing the rock clacking, Tom decided at cut loose with a whoop. This produced an explosion in the brush down below them and the sound of something very big and on two feet coming uphill! Chris and I did not hear any of that, and James said he could not hear it either. Tom turned to look at Jocelynn and discovered she had left and was beating feet back to the truck! Tom heard my howl and then made the response to it…and then got another uphill charge coming at him fast! He said he could feel the impact from the steps. He shone his flashlight downhill….and whatever it was stopped just out of the light. At that point…..he too had enough and bailed up the road and back to the truck. Whatever was there did not pursue him.

They spent an uneventful hour plus at the truck with James and nothing further going on.

When Chris and I reached them and got this report, I had a decision to make. I had two targets for the night. This location and one other one that bordered the wilderness area where I had my first encounter. Listening to the discussion, and realizing it had been more than an hour with absolutely nothing happening there…and really wanting to get on the border of the wilderness, I decided that we would go. I wanted to let that target settle down. I made a note though that we would come back and do so with the eight people I wanted. We would also employ a different
strategy and cover a slightly different area.

We made it up to target zone two. This place is nicknamed Top of the World and offers incredible views in all directions. It also is an unbelievable place to make vocalizations from as they will carry forever it seems like. We started making vocalizations at 4 AM and would do them periodically. I even threw some wolf howls in. This is an area that has wolf sightings reported. We got nothing at all in our whole time there. NO night sounds at all. We also had hoped this would be a great spot to film the meteor shower. But, there was WAY too much moonlight, and so for where we were at, it was a disappointing show. What we did get up there was an abundance of Mosquitoes! We decided to call it a night at 6 AM and headed back to town.

So in the end…success! We got track finds, and we got Tom and Jocelynn in position for a great encounter.

I will be headed back up there again soon.

– Greg Roberts
Vice-President of Bigfootology

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